English speaking trainingsactor (male/female)

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Datum 17-03-2019 | Hele dag | Den Haag

Oxfam Novib is looking for support to develop a series of short videos. The videos will be part of a guidance on how we want to work with partner organisations and should help with instructions for our staff in the countries we work with. The video content will be based on a simulation of our partnership conversations and risk management approach. The script for these conversations will be developed by Oxfam staff. Therefore we are looking for a trainingsactor (male/female):
  • An (native) English speaking training actor that can play the role of partner in the videos
    • Specialized in interview techniques, intercultural communication, collaboration, negotiation skills, managing conflicts, discussing sensitive issues (i.e. such as sexual harassment)
    • Preferably with an affinity for the work of our organization
    • HBO level
    • Certified as a trainingsactor
    • Available the second half of March, exact days to be determined (most likely 2 days) The videos will be made in our office in The Hague, travel cost will be reimbursed on top of the agreed fee.
    • To apply, please submit your CV and daily rate to marije.nederveen@oxfamnovib.nl Upon selection you will be contacted for a short phone interview to discuss the assignment in more detail.
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